He’s no Alien! 

In many ways, Elon Musk is my hero right now. Watching his SpaceX Corporation launch two Falcon 9’s AND one Starship in the course of two weeks earlier this month was more than I could stand. Whether Elon Musk is an alien, or just a super-human, in my mind he has surpassed the Apollo Program that I grew up around and made it look like the distant memory that it is.

So why should Elon’s opinion be listened to and why are his statements directly reflected in Crypto market positions? Simply put: as an entrepreneur at his level, he has a huge credit of trust. Individual users and entire organizations literally admire Elon, listen to his every word and, based on the information received, make their own decisions. This is not entirely the right approach, because even the greatest minds of our time can be wrong, but Musk is such a significant figure on his own merit, that you ignore him at your own risk. The specificity of his activities also has merit as an entrepreneur directly related to the development of high technologies, many of which are produced under the supervision of his core businesses.

Elon Musk is well aware of his importance for the industry, and therefore speaks specifically, without exaggeration. In his recent interview with the Clubhouse portal, the entrepreneur brought up the topic of Blockchain, finally explaining his position.

First, Musk is open about being a proponent of next-generation protocols. In his opinion, Blockchain has a great future. Also, the entrepreneur speaks positively about the first cryptocurrency. According to Elon, Bitcoin is closer than ever to universal acceptance and use at the global level. However, many consider this comment to be rather reckless, because, for example, just recently India announced its intention to consider a complete ban on digital assets. Elon also said that the idea of acquiring a cryptocurrency arose a long time ago, but so far the purchase of assets has been postponed. Musk also admits that he was delayed in opening a Bitcoin account and would have gladly invested in the coin earlier. Note that in response to the question posed, Elon only touches on the first cryptocurrency.

The billionaire’s relationship to other digital assets is still unclear. The only thing that is known for sure is his frivolous attitude towards the DOGE currency. There are no opinions about Ethereum, Ripple and other large coins yet. By the way, this time the discussion of cryptocurrencies did not affect the rate of any of the coins. Perhaps because the parsing of the Blockchain did not happen to the general public. Indeed, after the publication of the hashtag with Bitcoin on his own Twitter, Elon increased the value of the asset by 15%. The billionaire promised to be more careful with his statements, observing their role in the crypto industry.


It is wonderful that such leading figures of our time as Elon Musk openly discuss and praise Blockchain. It is possible that the previously made statements are the first step towards developing your own project in the crypto industry. And we have no doubt that if such a decision from Musk sees the light, it will create a real sensation. The main thing is to follow the news of the crypto industry, Blockchain and high technologies. To stay updated on the latest events in this world, check out our news feed. We publish only high-quality, interesting material. Thank you for attention. Good luck!

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